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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Psychic element of Dreaming

For every person generally our mind does not require to prefer silent   as with the play of five elements, is mind gets tuning with the conscious mind & if it has a visionary aspect turning to the tune of the higher self, he receives the cordial support of his conscious mind.

Our desire attachment, the emotional phase becomes a major part of our actions in our minds. Psychological comes at these stages were thru the psychic process that is of our mind dream virtually start in our mind. This dreaming process may work generally as a visionary process & it may not offer the helping hand to the dreamer.

When we talk regarding the psychic function we are interested in our dreaming part which gives & also offer us a guiding factor of our mind so that if necessary we may take the help of such dreaming experience of our life in the right spirit.

The function of psychic as a process a dream part must have a tuning within the divinity within us & for which we have also to carry out the process of our mind in a scientific spiritual mode.

Our dreaming process must have a guiding & energetic force so that our dream should not remain as a visual experience.Every individual in the way of his regular a line of action including the performance of the action plan with the various facets of his thinking phase create his mind process in his working action.

  This action offers him the guideline of his working process & in his dreaming line, certain development by the way of dreaming or visualization came into his mind which may help him to look into physical manner the line of his thinking process. 

The thinking process helps the action & guideline of action of the working part & in this process a dreaming part if it is psychic behavior take the necessary shape his working action & thinking process both play a very important part in his career process .

Dreaming action & the mannerly in which if it comes before the mind as a thinking line & sometimes in a visual process as passed a dreaming of feeling in his mind & including in his waking manner a reflects him in a process to take the dreaming action in a working process of  his action which very often makes an individual a dreaming process as a building castles in the air.

Dreaming becomes a useful part & manner in the working line of our action. Psychic dreaming also plays an important part as it is the root cause of our mind following the action stage to carry out our mind process for working action .

For every individual, our psychic dreaming should not be taken as  screen process but we should take up in a scientific manner or offering the light of our action & if we carry out  such other psychic dreaming if it comes a way of our planning than psychic dreaming may turn out to be a boon of our lifeline


Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Creativity -Our Planet Life

Our arrival on this earth has a message for individual life, based on the creative action working in the line with our thinking phase. The thinking phase for our life is not easy traffic for our life. It is the action of our thought for which we are to process our life in relation to our thinking phase, for which a human being what we are to be with remain in motto & guideline for what we are to be.

Our arrival on this earth has certainly a basic end of our life for which we have to play our own destiny in the line of the basic earlier action of our previous a life which has become the basic action of our past to destiny for which we are carrying out our activities for our life passage.

Every human being though out the world have to carry out their action positive –negative in the line with their destiny for which they have taken their arrival on this earth. The purpose is not to sit for their action & view to the destiny which is equally important as which has the end of our earlier action of our life positive or negative for which they may have to fulfill in the subsequent life.

Human beings in the entire universe are not the same as their arrival is due to their parents who have to accept the grace of their children which depend on the performance of their action in the line with destiny. With this, we know & we are aware that all human beings are not at all equal for which they have with them the mind & brain to carry out their action –performance for their life.

Our mind & brain are the root cause of our thinking & we are aware that our mind never gets tired. It is thru mind we carry out the function of our life. Our mind carries out the storage of knowledge & intelligence which remains the basic performance of our development of life planet action. Which this we all have observed that human beings everywhere in the world are not equal.

 All human being have with them a positive , negative traits with them which remains the reflection of their behavior , moral codes & ethics, Anger, Ego, Jealousy, Attachment, Pride, Greed & such other elements which remain the reflection of their action & performance in their behavior in society.

It is the human beings who have to pray their part to make the environment of the world happy & peaceful. From the beginning, it is the fact that rather unfortunate that human beings have failed to carry out the atmosphere of tranquility .  Humanity, unfortunately, has not learned the lesson of destroying the massacre of human beings including destroying the country.

It is the fact that for our action planetary influence & nature may not remain quiet & silent which we are observing today. In one of the question raised to me regarding the humanity & world for which I have expressed my views,

The planetary  influence on the world with an happy & unworthy environment. We have observed that nature which is a negative influence on the entire human being may not show a rosy surrounding as unnatural death of human being, air crash, car accident so the negative influence on the planet & to add a virus have taken a bad shape in the environment.

However for the universe to survive it may take a quite long period but happiness for the individual & the people depend only on them to make their destiny worthy befitting to human life.


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